Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2014

Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2014, Casa Castillo, Julia Roch e Hijos C.B., D.O. Jumilla
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  • Rebsorten 100% Monastrell von 80 Jahre alten Reben, 18 Monate in Barriques aus französischer... mehr
    Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2014

    100% Monastrell von 80 Jahre alten Reben, 18 Monate in Barriques aus französischer Eiche gereift.

    Alkoholgehalt: 14,5 Vol.%


    Ein Haut Culture Monastrell vom feinsten! Tiefdunkeles und dichtes Rot. Am Glas bleiben große Krichenfenster hängen. Ein sattes und warmes Bukett, duftend nach Schwarzkirschen, Johannisbeeren, Holunder, Pflaumen und sämiger Vanille. Der edle Auftritt am Gaumen mit spürbarer Power, feinfühliger Zärtlichkeit ist betörend. Warm und weich sind die Tannine, die Struktur und Konzentration sind perfekt. Einziger Makel, man findet fast keine Kanten. Klare Fruchtkomponenten stehen Seite an Seite mit marmeladigen Anklänge, feinen Kieselsteinnoten und nussig-kakaoige Farben. Der Abgang ist langanhalten und einprägend. Trinkreife 2016-2027. Unbedingt 1 Stunde dekantieren.


    94 Punkte Robert Parker, Wine Advocate # 225 (Jun 2016): "2014 was a really tough harvest, and many vineyards never fully ripened in Jumilla. Casa Castillo managed to produce 4,650 bottles from their eight hectares of ungrafted (pie franco) Monastrell vineyards and release a very good 2014 Pie Franco. As all the wines here, it fermented with indigenous yeasts and matured in well-seasoned oak barrels for some 18 months. This is always a subtle and elegant Monastrell, without the rusticity the grape can sometimes show, with a perfumed nose of violets and rose petals, bright red cherries and plenty of Mediterranean herbs and spices and something akin to tea leaves. The palate is also extremely elegant, silky and delicate, with very good freshness and acidity. This is a real triumph over the conditions of the vintage and shows how a great vineyard behaves brilliantly in warm, cool, wet or dry vintages and delivers very reliable wines. I tasted the wine before and just after bottling and it didn't seem to suffer by the operation, which is quite remarkable. I followed the bottle for a few days and I uncorked some past vintages for comparisons and I have no doubt. This is an exceptional effort for the vintage.
    2014 was not an easy vintage in the Mediterranean part of Spain. In fact, in most of the appellations and especially in Jumilla it could be considered a disaster, as most of the grapes did not achieve ripeness. Casa Castillo is always an exception in the zone, as they work with a handful of old estate vineyards with limited yields that cushion the effect of the warmer and cooler harvests. In 2014 they had to sort and produced much less wine, and some cuvées, like the Syrah Valtosca were not produced at all. However I was greatly impressed with the wines I tasted from 2014. At the end of 2015 there was a subtle change in the property as the long time technical director, José María Vicente, and his three sisters bought out the rest of the family. They now celebrate their 25th anniversary."


    Bodegas Julia Roch E Hijos, Plaza Rey Don Pedro 4, 30520 Jumilla, Spanien

    Allgemeine Hinweise

    Enthält Sulfite. Kann Getreide, Eier und Milch enthalten.

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    • Jahrgang 2014
    • Typ Rotwein trocken
    • Inhalt 0,75 Liter
    • Alkoholgehalt 14,5 Vol.%
    • Empfohlene Trinktemperatur 18 Grad Celsius
    • Trinkempfehlung 2016-2027
    • Rebsorte 100% Monastrell
    • Herkunft Spanien
    • Ausbau 18 Monate
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