Punto de Fuga Corral del Mate 2018

Punto de Fuga Corral del Mate 2018, Viña Zorzal, D.O. Navarra
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  • Rebsorten 100% Garnacha, 18 Monate in 500 Liter Eichenholzfässern ausgebaut. Alkoholgehalt:... mehr
    Punto de Fuga Corral del Mate 2018

    100% Garnacha, 18 Monate in 500 Liter Eichenholzfässern ausgebaut.

    Alkoholgehalt: 13,5 Vol.%


    Tiefdunkles Schwarzrot mit violettem Schimmer. Feiner Duft von Brombeeren, Kirschen, Kräutern und Kaffee. Konzentriert und komplex am Gaumen. Fein eingebundenes strukturiertes Tannin. Die Aromen von Waldbeeren und Kernobst werden von weichen Pralinen- und Schokonoten begleitet, viel Mineralik im Hintergrund. Harmonie und eine ausgezeichnete Länge im Finale. Bereits jetzt sehr schöne Trinkreife bei gutem Lagerpotential. Trinkreife 2023-2033. Unbedingt dekantieren.


    96 Punkte Robert Parker, Wine Advocate #248 Apr 2020: "The Punto de Fuga range is a joint venture between Viña Zorzal Wines and Matías Michelini from Argentina, with the idea to produce wines from great terroirs of the world—Navarra, Tupungato (Mendoza), Bugohondo (Gredos), Cafayate (Salta), perhaps Getaria, and others... The 2018 Punto de Fuga Corral del Mate is the first in this series, a wine they consider defined by emotion, and the bottles are going to be dressed with labels that carry their true electrocardiograms! This was produced with Garnacha from the paraje El Corral de los Altos in the village of Fitero, a different plot from other wines from the same zone they bottle. This comes from 0.53 hectares, with some individual plants that have mutated to Garnacha Gris, fermented with 100% full clusters in small 1,000-liter vats and then matured in two used 500-liter oak barrels for two years. This has a different aromatic profile from the other wines from this paraje; there is an iron-like touch (blood too) that transported me to the Northern Rhône (think Côte-Rôtie), making it the wilder and more different Garnacha in the current lineup. It clearly transcends the variety. It has great balance and all the ingredients to be long-lived. It was bottled in March 2020, with 1,300 bottles produced. This wine will be distributed to distributors and importers, but others might be sold exclusively to one restaurant, as they do not want to saturate the market with many different wines, but they do want to produce them... There is a lot going on at Viña Zorzal Wines from Navarra. The original project was from 1989, but the Sanz brothers reinvented it in 2013. As some of you might know, there's another project called Zorzal in Argentina, a project started by the Michelini brothers. That was the reason why Matías Michelini arrived in Navarra, and he started making wine with them in 2018! Through Julio Prieto, a friend and a vineyard consultant they use, they got in contact with the Rico Nuevo project in Gredos (they are brand new and appeared for the very first time in last week's Gredos article), and (in 2019) they also started making wine there—including Matías Michelini! They have also produced a Nat'Cool, an easy-to-drink red, a new category invented by Dirk Niepoort (see the tasting note for further info). And they have their collaboration projects, Prácticas de Vuelo, in which they invite a winemaker each harvest to make a wine from their vineyards with them. Plus, they have started a small importing business to import wines from small producers from other countries, often friends that share their same philosophy. Furthermore, they keep studying their soils to get a better understanding of their vineyards, and they have the idea to make a classification of their Garnacha wines according to the origin of the grapes, in a pyramidal way similar to Burgundy. Also related to Burgundy, they, together with two historians, are researching the Fitero Monastery, which is located in the same village as many of their vineyards and is the first Cistercian monastery created in Spain. And they have just created the Asociación por la defensa del Paisaje y Viñedo de Navarra, which is something like the Association for the Defense of the Landscape and Vineyards of Navarra, of which one of the Sanz brothers is president. Phew! They have to be one of the most dynamic producers not only in Navarra but also in the whole of Spain!"


    Viña Zorzal Wines S.A., Crta del Villar s/n, 31591 Corella (Navarra), Spanien

    Allgemeine Hinweise

    Enthält Sulfite. Kann Getreide, Eier und Milch enthalten.

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    • Jahrgang 2018
    • Typ Rotwein trocken
    • Inhalt 0,75 Liter
    • Alkoholgehalt 14,0 Vol.%
    • Empfohlene Trinktemperatur 18 Grad Celsius
    • Trinkempfehlung 2023-2033
    • Rebsorte 100% Garnacha
    • Herkunft Spanien
    • Ausbau 18 Monate
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