Pingus 2013 vergriffen

Pingus 2013, Dominio de Pingus, D.O. Ribera del Duero
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  • Rebsorten 100% Tempranillo aus 100% biologischem Anbau, 22 Monate in Barriques aus... mehr
    Pingus 2013 vergriffen

    100% Tempranillo aus 100% biologischem Anbau, 22 Monate in Barriques aus französischer Eiche gereift.


    96 Punkte Robert Parker, Wine Advocate #221 Oct 2015: "I tasted the 2013 Pingus one week before the wine was to be bottled, but one never knows. I tasted the 2012 under the same circumstances last year, and after my tasting, Peter Sisseck decided the wine needed some more time, so the élevage was extended and the bottling delayed. I was told this should be very close to the bottled version. The nose is aromatic, expressive and open, quite perfumed and subtle, with no traces of oak (the wine now ages in used barriques); even the spices are very much in the background. The Pingus vineyards behaved quite well in a difficult vintage, as great vineyards are a lot more homogeneous, so the vines are very balanced: the two vineyards used for Pingus, San Cristobal and Barroso, were planted in 1929 with two different massale selections. The palate is also approachable and gentle, with very good acidity and very fine tannins, elegance and character. I think there will be very few (or none!) wines in Ribera in 2013 like this Pingus. Well done! Three weeks later, I received an email letting me know that the wine had been bottled, so I proceeded to taste the bottle version, which showed what the sample promised. 2013 will be a vintage, that in Ribera del Duero, will show the differences of the work in the vineyards and what they do at Pingus clearly paid off. Even after the recent operation, the wine is harmonious and feels very balanced; there is no dizziness and it keeps the poise. A real triumph for the vintage. 6,600 bottles were filled at the end of July 2015."


    95 Punkte Guia Penin 2016


    Dominio de Pingus, Calle Mayor, 49, 47350 Quintanilla de Onésimo, Valladolid, Spanien

    Allgemeine Hinweise

    Enthält Sulfite. Kann Getreide, Eier und Milch enthalten.

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    • Jahrgang 2013
    • Typ Rotwein trocken
    • Inhalt 0,75 Liter
    • Alkoholgehalt 14,5 Vol.%
    • Empfohlene Trinktemperatur 18 Grad Celsius
    • Trinkempfehlung 2020-2035+
    • Rebsorte 100% Tempranillo
    • Herkunft Spanien
    • Ausbau 22 Monate
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